5 Point Platform - 2023

1. We are anti-imperialists and internationalists.

  • We believe that the primary work of socialists in the imperial core is to fight imperialism here at home.
  • We believe that international left parties are a valuable source of information about how to build our organization into a proto-party, then a worker’s party, then a worker’s state.

2. We need strong, militant unions to win the class struggle.

  • Trade unions, industrial unions, grad workers’ unions, tenants’ unions, transit riders’ unions – we believe in building these and other working class organizations to be bigger, more powerful, more democratic, and more revolutionary.
  • We believe in building DSA caucuses within major workers’ and tenants’ unions as well as offering robust support to help DSA chapters and members organize unions in their own workplaces, homes, and communities.

3. We believe in building a workers’ party.

  • We think arguments about breaks vs. ballot lines vs. realignment are premature; our focus must be on building our proto-party through a wide variety of terrains and tactics.
  • We believe in strong relationships with elected officials that are reciprocal, well-nurtured, and exist to build our organization and win socialism.

4. We believe in a Marxism that is scientific and intersectional.

  • We believe in a class analysis that includes recognition of systems of oppression and the way they have been naturalized, reified, and exploited by capitalism to divide and further oppress workers. We believe in the complete and total liberation of all oppressed people — nothing more, nothing less.
  • We believe in a scientific approach to organizing and struggle, in rigorous and bold experimentation, in a culture of debriefs and constructive criticism, and unapologetic celebration of what we achieve together.

5. We believe in DSA.

  • We believe that DSA is the organization best situated to grow into the mass workers’ party that is desperately needed to bring socialism to the USA, which means we must treat it as such by building a robust internal democratic culture and training member-organizers to fight strategically on diverse terrains.
  • We believe that chapters are the primary site of struggle and that the national organization exists to support the on-the-ground work of winning socialist demands and growing our organization into a mass party.